Wyse Photography

Wyse Photography has go their new studio up and running and it’s going great! They have more room, extra studio space and a great location right above the vet clinic at 61 Tacoma Drive.  Feel free to drop by and say hello or schedule an appointment to check out the new facilities!

Also, you can check them out on Twitter and Facebook now! Just search for Wyse Photos
At Wyse Photography, they take their time to do it right.   They book one hour sessions where they give a half hour to take the photos, and a half hour for you to pick out the best ones. The sessions are totally FREE, so if they can’t get a photo that you absolutely love, you don’t have to pay a dime. You only pay for the sheets you want to buy, which are only $18.99 a sheet.
They are Located at 61 Tacoma Drive in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, right above the Dartmouth Vet Clinic.

   61 Tacoma Drive,
Nova Scotia, Canada

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