Sir Sanford Flemming Park – The Dingle and The Frog Pond

Dingle Tower

The key landmark of the Dingle is Sir Sandford Flemming Tower shown here:

The great thing about the Dingle is that there are a few different and beautiful areas to go while you are there.

There is a great beach that you can go to and it makes for a great walk along the water.   There is a path that you can take in either direction for a very scenic experience.

You can also go visit the Frog Pond.  If you want to go directly to the Frog pond, you can park in the lot on Purcell’s Cove Road and walk there.  Everything in the area is all inter-connected so you can visit it all at once, so don’t worry about having to drive to visit the different areas although that is an option if you like.


Bayside trail

The beach has enough of an open area that you can play fetch and get your dog’s legs stretched out.  It has a great view of the harbour and isn’t far from the yacht club so you will see lots of beautiful  boats.

The Dingle building is a great piece of Halifax History and is a must to see.  Out in front of the tower are two big statues of lions that are always fun to get pictures with.

Pictured to the left is a trail along the water you can walk on.  The trail is well maintained and makes for relaxing easy walk.


Beach – Off of the Purcell’s Cove Road, turn at the “Flemming Park” sign and take your next left at the “Dingle Park Area”.  At the bottom of this road is where you will find the Parking lot.

Frog Pond – Continue past the “Flemming Park” sign and on your left you will find a parking area.  You can go that way or walk down to the trail from there.



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