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Africville/Seaview Park

There is a front and rear entrance to the park. If you come in threw the front entrance there is play ground and this section of the park is on leach. It is clearly marked as you walk in where the off leach part begins.Coming in the back entrance brings you threw some big pot […]

Long Lake Provincial Park

Located within a 15 minute drive of downtown Halifax this provincial park has its ups and downs depending on what you are looking for. The park was created in 1980 when the city’s water supply moved to Pockwock Lake water shed near Hammons Plains. A management plan for the park has never been completed which […]

Halifax Commons

The Halifax Common was created by surveyors following the settling of Halifax in 1749. It is still a land mark of central Halifax and a great place to get out with your dogs. Only five minutes from downtown it is within walking distance of just about anywhere in town with lots of parking on Cunard, […]

Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park is a great park located in the South End of Halifax. The entire park is dog friendly, and there are a lot of off-leash areas as well.  The park is full of trails and has lots of Practica bags.  There are National Heritage sites located in the park.   This is one of […]