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Shubie Park

Located in Dartmouth on the other side of the fairly new Dartmouth Crossing and in between Lake Micmac and Lake Charles. Shubie Park offers some great hiking and off leash trails within the city limits. The area bordering Lake Charles offers a day time beach and camping/picnicking area. The park is open as long as […]

Rainbow Haven Beach

Rainbow Haven is located 8kms off of the Cow Bay Rd.  It is a provincial park and all the benefits that come with it.   It is a clean beach with well maintained boardwalks and a canteen.  The beach has a life guarded section that is usually pretty packed during the summer but there are lots […]

Girls Next Door

The Girls Next Door understand the importance of responsible pet ownership, but we also understand that sometimes our own lives get in the in the way of providing for many of the needs our pets have. When your life is getting too hectic, or your work schedule is preventing you from providing some of your […]

Fetch Inc.

Located in Burnside fetch inc offers a variety of services including doggy daycare, obedience and agility training to name a few.  They have new classes starting regularly for any age and level of training.  Fetch Inc., the canine daycare and education facility in Burnside, Dartmouth.

Golden Rule Professional Dog Training

Golden Rule Training was developed by Tristan Flynn who bases his training on the golden rule to treat others the way you wish to be treated.   For more information on Tristan and his Golden Rule Training check out his site. http://www.goldenruletraining.ca