Long Lake Provincial Park

Located within a 15 minute drive of downtown Halifax this provincial park has its ups and downs depending on what you are looking for.

The park was created in 1980 when the city’s water supply moved to Pockwock Lake water shed near Hammons Plains.

A management plan for the park has never been completed which is very obvious once you have spent any time there.  There is only one official parking lot for the park just before the turn off onto prospect rd off of St Margaret’s bay.  Although there are many more entrances and lots of space on the shoulder of the road to park your car if you have ever driven down St Margaret’s bay in the summertime you already know.

The park is not officially an off leash dog park but over the last few years it has become a favorite spot of dog owners to let their dogs have a run and a swim.  The water quality of the lake is over all great and there are many good spots for both your dog and your self to get in and cool off.

Check out the most well traveled trails.

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