How to Plan a Move

Moving Tips

Moving from one home to another, sometimes even one community to another, is both a time of great excitement and great stress. Here are some tips:

Getting Ready:
Designate one drawer or a dresser for first-night essentials (sheets, towels, toiletries, plates). Load this last, unload it first.
Reduce your load by having a garage sale beforehand. Consider the cost of shipping vs the cost of replacement for cross-country moves.
Pack seldom-used or out-of-season items ahead of time
Notify friends & relatives of your move. Start submitting change-of-address forms to post office.
If you have children, arrange all documents for changing schools
Gather all important personal, insurance, medical and dental documents
Arrange disconnect and re-connect of utilities and telephone service
Transfer banking (savings accounts, personal loans) to the new location
Return any library books

Keep your pets out of the way (at a friends house) during loading
pack heavy items in small boxes, light items in larger boxes (to keep weights more consistent)
Remove bulbs from lamps
Put pictures in boxes between sheets, blankets or towels for extra protection
Stack plates and record albums on end vertically, not flat and stacked
Have children label their own room’s boxes so they become familiar with the new address
Take your current phone book with you. You may need to call people in your former hometown.
Dispose of flammable liquids (contact the local fire department)
Pick up dry-cleaning

Finishing Off:
Clean all appliances, including the oven. Defrost the fridge
Before the van leaves for your destination, give the driver a phone number where you can be reached (If you don’t have a cellphone, this is a good time to get one with a pay-as-you-go plan)
Write down your move Registration Number in case you have any questions.
After cleaning your refrigerator, put an half-cup of coffee grinds, baking soda or charcoal in a sock to keep it smelling fresh.
Wrap plants well for cold-weather moving (layers of cleaner bags are great). In hot weather, keep them away from windows and exterior walls of vans.
Check all shelves, closets, and storage areas for items left behind
At the destination, unload the TV first to keep the children occupied during unloading

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