How to Find Pet Friendly Housing

There is a lot of biased beliefs of pet owners. There have been a few bad apples that spoiled the bunch. This results in an often long and exhausting journey to find pet friendly apartments.

What we at have done is summarize this and offer advice on how to:

  • Search for and find housing that will accommodate your pet
  • Convince property owners why they should rent to you and your pet
  • Providing documentation to verify your pet’s vaccinations and shots are up to date
  • Securing your apartment/housing

FACTS: Pet Owners who take the time to provide all appropriate documentation regarding their pet to landlords…

  • are less likely to become problem tenants because they are well aware of the difficulties in finding pet friendly housing.
  • have a greater chance of signing their lease when pets are considered.


1. Searching for Pet friendly apartments can be a daunting task. It is best to condense your search. Target large property management companies in your area.   Contact their offices and ask about Pet friendly rentals in all local buildings they own. Many of these companies own several or more buildings.

2. If you cannot find or do not wish to live in a larger property management company’s building, you will need to start targeting smaller property management companies and some properties.

3. When contacting landlords and property owners who will “consider” pets or have a weight restriction on dogs. In most cases large property companies will not sway on their conditions, but with smaller companies or indviduals you can provide them with a  letter from your vet stating that the dog is up to date in their vaccines. You can also provide a waiver of responsibilities. This would be particularly of interest to the property owner. You can find the waiver here. The waiver simply states in legal jargon  that you will be responsible for any damages (to property, staff, tenants or visitors) that your pet may cause. As well as your written consent of the behavior, health, and vaccine history.

4. Offer a “Pet Deposit”. Offer an additional “Pet Deposit” to ease the mind of the property owner. It reinforces your commitment as a responsible tenant.


Document Checklist

1. Vaccine Report from Vet

2. Waiver of responsibilities

3. Documentation of any training or classes that the dog has taken.


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