Does The Thundershirt Solve Dog Leash Aggression Problems?

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re gradually figuring out how to fix Linus’ dog leash aggression.  This past week we added a new piece of equipment to our arsenal…a Thundershirt (aff link)! Yep, the same anxiety relieving doggy shirt that most dog’s wear to keep them calm during thunderstorm, fireworks, and other craziness around the house.

Just in case you’re joining us late we started working on Linus’ dog leash aggression at the beginning of the month and posted our goals and first week results here:

So how did our week go?  Did the Thundershirt help with Linus’ leash aggression?

Does The Thundershirt Really Work With Dog Leash Aggression?

Linus in his Thundershirt

Linus wearing his Thundershirt next to his pal Stetson.

Last week we did a day-by-day journal, but I wasn’t too keen on that kind of post and found that it got a little bit wordy and repetitive.  This time around I’m just going to give you the updates on how we progressed or regressed with Linus.

We actually made 3 changes in this weeks walking routines:

  1. As we mentioned earlier Linus wore his Thundershirt (aff link) on all walks this week.
  2. Instead of walking both Linus and Stetson I took Linus out on his own.
  3. I did not use Linus’ head collar on his walks and just attached the leash to his regular flat collar.

First of all we did a great job keeping up with my 30 day challenge of walking the dogs 30 minutes every day this past week.  The problem was the time we went for our walks.  5 out of 7 days this past week we didn’t get out until after 10pm and therefore encountered very few dogs on our walks. :(

Here’s what I observed on our walks:

  • Linus did a great job focusing on me and his walk rather than the other dogs we saw while out and about.  GOOD BOY!
  • Linus didn’t chase any squirrels, rabbits, or ducks, but then again I don’t think we saw any either.  GOOD BOY!
  • Linus seemed a little more stressed on our walks this past week.  That’s unusual considering he was wearing his Thundershirt, but I wonder if it has to do with one of the other changes specifically walking on his own rather than with his pal Stetson.  I may have to test that theory out next week.
  • Linus was at the front door with my gf and started barking, lunging, and whining at the neighbors dogs.  Major regression!  This is another problem that needs to be addressed.

Overall it was an uneventful week mainly because I didn’t get Linus out during the daytime.  There were mixed results with the Thundershirt (aff link), but we’ll continue to use it on Linus’ walk…if anything it probably keeps him a little bit warmer during this cold spell.  So I guess the answer to our original question: Does The Thundershirt Solve Dog Leash Aggression Problems?MAYBE…we need more data for a more conclusive answer.

I’m going to try a few different things on our walks next week.  I’m going to alternate bringing Stetson out on our walks.  When I walk both boys I have to use the head collars because when Linus decides to chase a squirrel Stetson follows and I get dragged along for the ride.  I also plan on introducing a no-pull harness to see if I like that better than the head collar.

That’s about it for week #2 of Linus and his adventures in dog leash aggression training.  Not too much progress this week, but hopefully we’ll improve by leaps and bounds in week #3!

So how about you guys?  Any progress in your dog leash aggression training?  Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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Does The Thundershirt Solve Dog Leash Aggression Problems?

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