BLT Rails to Trails Association

Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Rails to Trails The BLT Trail
begins in Beechville adjacent the Coca Cola plant in the Lakeside Industrial
Park and continues for 13 kilometers terminating at the intersection of the
trail with the St Margarets Bay Rd.. The trail proceeds at that point under the
management of the St. Margarets Bay Area Rails to Trails Committee.

   Beechville Lakeside Timberlea

Name Position Phone
Blt Administration
Catherine Klefenz / Chairperson / 1-902-876-2055
Jean Harris / At large
Lindsay Gates / Maitanance / 1-902-876-2591
Kevin Cody / Treasurer
Bob Conrad / Membership / 1-902-876-7657
Beverly Dellapinna / Events
Beverly Carlson / Events
Devid Dellapinna / Community Liaison
bob Angus / Trail Warden
Tom Musial / BLT Rep for FBLWA Trail Warden
Shawn Lahey / Secretary

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