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Dog Tips: Spring With Man’s Best Friend

With a winter that has seemingly lasted forever and a day, most of us are ready to embrace spring with open arms. When living life with dogs, a reminder of spring concerns and healthcare tips is important.  While some of these tips are dependent upon your pet’s health, individual preferences, and your location, they should […]

Why Pets Shouldn’t Be Under The Tree This Holiday Season

Each and every year, many little boys and girls sit on Santa’s knee to make their Christmas requests. Ask any Santa out there and he will tell you that many children are dying to have a furry best friend to call their own. Often it is a dog, a cat, or even a pony that […]

5 Things You Should Know About Flying With Your Dog

‘Tis the season of travel as we try to connect with loved ones – including the furry family members in our lives. The major part of the season is over, but traveling home may still be on your agenda.  Traveling by plane is a popular choice for those that have long journeys and limited time […]