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No Purrblem: 7 Dog Breeds That Are Very Friendly To Cats

Animals like cats and dogs have proven their great worth in our everyday lives. They have become more than just guard dogs and companions. Over the years they have also become therapy animals and dear family members helping their humans cope with emotional stress. Dogs and cats are expected to not like each other. In […]

Winter Dog Care Tips

Now that winter is officially upon us I thought it might be good to get some tips on how to make winter as enjoyable for your dog as possible. First off I want to say the best place your dog can sleep during the winter is in the house.   Now let’s talk about what you […]

Make Your Own Dog Car Hammock For Long Road Trips

Anyone who’s driven with a dog in the back seat knows it can be a hassle. If your pet isn’t sliding onto the floor, he’s jumping into the front seat, oblivious to the dangers of distracting the driver. Luckily, a cheap DIY car hammock can keep your dog in his place during your next road […]

How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Peeing In Her Crate?

We often get puppy questions through our blog, email, and social media channels and recently received similar crate training questions several times over the past month.  The basic questions was “How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Peeing In Her Crate?” Before we brought home our first puppy we read several books about how […]

Does The Thundershirt Solve Dog Leash Aggression Problems?

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re gradually figuring out how to fix Linus’ dog leash aggression.  This past week we added a new piece of equipment to our arsenal…a Thundershirt (aff link)! Yep, the same anxiety relieving doggy shirt that most dog’s wear to keep them calm during thunderstorm, fireworks, and other craziness […]

Sabrina Thurlow Photography

Come see the difference a professional can make! Sabrina Thurlow Photography specializes in portrait,commercial and wedding photography with a particular flair for pet photography! Our modern and luxurious studio is nestled inside a unique heritage building in downtown Halifax (we have parking!). Sabrina has formal training in photography and over 10 years of experience.

Mainland Common Park

From the Mainland Commons in Clayton Park, a gravel walkway lays alongside a baseball field into the seemingly un-kept forest. A closer inspection reveals a wonderful trail through the woods that is ideal for a short walk and a quick escape. The main path is wide enough for two people. The paths are maintained and […]

BLT Rails to Trails Association

Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Rails to Trails The BLT Trail begins in Beechville adjacent the Coca Cola plant in the Lakeside Industrial Park and continues for 13 kilometers terminating at the intersection of the trail with the St Margarets Bay Rd.. The trail proceeds at that point under the management of the St. Margarets Bay Area […]

Bay of Islands

Urban escapees & getaway artists. Come to Bay of Islands region. Walk in the forest & immerse yourself in nature. Breathe in the scent of spruce and pine and the salty sea air. Hike our wilderness trails. Kayak the offshore islands. Canoe the lakes and rivers. Camp under the stars or cosy up by the […]

Sir Sandford Fleming Park

Sir Sandford Fleming Park is a 95-acre (38 ha) Canadian urban park located in the community of Jollimore in Halifax Regional Municipality. It is also known as Dingle Park which means wooded valley. The park was donated to the people of Halifax by Sir Sandford Fleming. The centrepiece of the park is an impressive tower […]